BRAVO Co. - Premium, purpose built bags by Bravo (LA) are now in store

WTAPS x Vans Syndicate - 10yr Anniversary Collection from Vans Syndicate

SSDD By FUCT - New arrivals from 'Motor City Burning'

BE POLITE - New 20.52 T-shirt release, locals only.

PALACE - Full range of new Palace wood in store now

ON SALE - New pieces updated to our end of season sale


83B. What Waits Below.

A local space, understated but understood. Presenting high and low offerings, from brands defining the subculture space.

Seasonal and limited product from Butter Goods, Call Me 917, Carhartt W.I.P, Come Sundown, Converse Cons, Babylon LA, Death Rites, Fucking Awesome, SSDD by Fuct, Gasius, Magenta, Palace, Pass-Port, Pelvis and Vans Syndicate.

One foot in the Abyss.
West End, Adelaide.

Twenty Fifty Two / 2052