SNAFU - Situation Normal. All Fucked Up. Now available.

PASS~PORT - Contemporary artist Danie Mellor for Pass~Port.

FUTUR Inc. - A capsule collection with Minuit, now available.

BUTTER GOODS - Summer pieces now available.

HOTEL BLUE - Introducing the new brand from NYC.

FUCT SSDD - Eyewear for the Summer months to come.


83B. What Waits Below.

A local space, understated but understood. Presenting high and low offerings, from brands defining subculture.

Through skateboarding, our appreciation for art, music and disruption are naturally linked. Expect a tight representation of local and global brands, reflecting our youth and defining subculture.

Releases and limited product from Babylon LA, Bravo Co., Butter Goods, By Parra, Call Me 917, Carhartt W.I.P, Come Sundown, Converse Cons, Death Rites, Fucking Awesome, Fuct SSDD, Gasius, Magenta, Pass-Port, Pelvis and Vans Syndicate.

Inspiration born locally - Hythe St, Victoria Square nights, SAPOL or the West End homeless or both, weird art shows, the China Town carpark, and friends, here and abroad.

One foot in the Abyss.
West End, Adelaide.

Twenty Fifty Two / 2052