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QUASI - New releases.

BUTTER GOODS - New season arrivals

VANS - Old Skool Pro Khaki/White

FUTUR - Season .04

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83B. What Waits Below.

A local space, understated but understood. Hidden in plain sight, presenting high and low offerings, from brands defining the subcultural space.

Through skateboarding, our appreciation for art, music and disruption are naturally linked. We represent a tight list of local and global brands, reflecting our years, important for their cultural significance.

Releases and limited product from Babylon LA, Bravo Co., Butter Goods, By Parra, Call Me 917, Carhartt W.I.P, Come Sundown, Converse Cons, Death Rites, Fucking Awesome, Fuct SSDD, Futur Inc., GX1000, Magenta, Pass-Port, Pelvis and Vans LTD.

Hidden in plain sight.
West End, Adelaide.

Twenty Fifty Two / 2052