GASIUS SHPORT - UK artist, Gasius, presents a new release.

AV RAPIDWELD PRO - Ave's much anticipated Pro shoe, ltd. numbers available now.

BUTTER GOODS - New release Winter '16 pieces now available

CARHARTT W.I.P. - Updated staples from the long-standing brand.

SUPPLY - After a short hiatus, select pieces are now available.

SSDD by FUCT - New delivery of select items from 'Lovers Rock' by Fuct SSDD.


83B. What Waits Below.

A local space, understated but understood. Presenting high and low offerings, from brands defining the subculture space.

Seasonal and limited product from Butter Goods, Call Me 917, Carhartt W.I.P, Come Sundown, Converse Cons, Death Rites, Fucking Awesome, SSDD by Fuct, Gasius, Magenta, Palace, Pass-Port, Pelvis and Vans Syndicate.

One foot in the Abyss.
West End, Adelaide.

Twenty Fifty Two / 2052